Race day information

Registration for participation in fun run - 3000 m will be available till 9.00 o'clock 14.10.2018

Occasionaly, bib numbers for all distances can be picked up during the race day between 6:30 and 9:00 o'clock only if the racers have sent e-mail confirming their participation to info@marathonsofia.com- not later than two days before the race. If there is no confirmation e-mail the registration will be canceled.

The bib distribution point will be established at the parking lot in front of the "Vasil Levski" National stadium.

Ranking and Age Groups

Ranking is individual for distances 10.550 km and 21.098 km for men and women.

Only for distance 42.195 km. and in age groups :

41 50 years.

51 60 years.

– over 61 years.


All participants in the distances 10.550 km, 20.098 km and 42.195 km will be fitted with chips-bib.. The bibs must be put on the chests to be visible and not to be folded or covered by any clothing. Not following the above rules can lead to racer disqualification..


Point storage of personal baggage of participants

Next to the start- final area will be established storage for personal belongings of the participants in Marathon Sofia 2018. Acceptable is only the luggage marked with respective stickers by the personnel of the luggage desk. The organizers are not responsible for any expensive items including jewelry.


Refreshment points

Refreshment points will be established on the route of Marathon Sofia at every fifth km acording to IAAF regulations. They will offer isotonic and hot beverages, water, fruits and small bisquits. At the finish area will be additional refreshment point with water, isotonic and hot beverages, fruits and small bisquits.

Final instructions

The organization committee reserves its rights to make changes at any time to the above stated rules if needed.

Any change in terms of service , location and schedules, will be published at the official web site of Marathon Sofia 2018 www.marathonsofia.com

We kindly ask you to read carefully our regulations and in case of any questions , do not hasitate to contact us at info@marathonsofia.com or ddukov@abv.bg

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