Conditions for participation

Right to participate

In Sofia Marathon 2017 all distances are allowed participants from home and abroad , as for 42.195 km right to participate have only those who have turn 18 years until the day of the competition (born 1999 and before it).

Participation fee

Participation fee

Distance Before 31.05 2017

Early registration

Before 02.10.2017


Before 08.10.2017

Late registration

10.5 km 5.00 € / 10.00 BGN 10.00 € / 20.00 BGN 15.00 € / 30 .00 BGN
21 km 10.00 € / 20.00 BGN 15.00 € / 30.00 BGN 20.00 € / 40.00 BGN
42.195 km 20.00 € / 40.00 BGN 25.00 € / 50.00 BGN 30.00 € / 60.00 BGN

After the online registration for participation , имате избор да платите в брой при получаване на стартовия номер на пункта или по електронен път с кредитна карта през epay и на касите на easypay.

– Credit card payments, fee is not refundable.

– In any cases your personal data provided upon registration and payment will not be provided to third parties.

Services including in the participation fee

Competitors in the distance 10.550 km, 21.098 km and 42.195 km receive a Bib number with an electronic chip to measure the time of the distance traveled. medical services if needed, СЪБЛЕКАЛНЯ, place for storing clothes, complimentary gift, refreshing stations along the route and at the finish. All finishers 10.550 km, 21.098 km and 42.195 km will receive special medals.

All BG runners, confirmed their participation on Marathon Sofia 2017 are obligated to adhere Regulation No. 8 since 18.03.2005 issued by the Minister of health of Republic of Bulgaria witch states, that every person who exercise any kind of sport must conduct mandatory pre- competition examination.

The statement below is constituent part of your registration:

Hereby, I agree , that I am physically and psychically prepared for this race, that I will participate at my personal responsibility.

Hereby, I confirm that I am familiar that the rights for promotional use of my name, voice, photography or video material belong to the organizer, including all types of advertising on radio,TV and Internet, as well as other advertising needs of the organizer. The ambulance men are authorized to take me off the contest, when noticing threatening indication of a damage to my health.

I assure, that my information is correct.

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