Wizz Air Sofia Marathon



Terms for participation

Please, before your registration , be careful while reading the following instructions , which will help and facilitate the different situations during the preparation and participation in Wizz Air Sofia Marathon.

Wizz Air Sofia Marathon 2024 is conducted by the rules of WA, the rules of the BAF and the suggestions for 2024 year, by the organizer.

The terms and conditions for participating in the event are a subject of the General Conditions of the event and are required for all registered participants for the race. .

Every participant in Wizz Air Sofia Marathon will take part in the event at their own discretion! Each participant is personally responsible for his or her decision on his physical condition and for the ability to complete the chosen distance.

During the race is recommended not to listen to music and to wear headphones from safety reasons. Coaches or other persons on bicycles (or other means) cannot accompany participants and will therefore be suspended by judges, Marshalls or organizers.

According to the rules of WA, accepting refreshment is allowed only in refreshment station areas.

All participants must follow the instructions of judges, track marshals and organizers.

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Violation of these rules can lead to disqualification!

After online registration, You have the choice to pay electronically with Credit Card and with Epay or at an office of Easypay.

All participants made their registration by 31.07.2024 year will guarantee receiving a medal – FINISHED.

If you pay your registration fee, but you don't get your starter pack and for some reason you can't participate, your registration fee won't be refunded.

I accept, that the rights for proportional use of my name, voice, photography or video material belong to the organizer, including all types of advertising on radio, TV and Internet, and other comercial activities of the organizer.

Participation fee

Distance Early registration
until 31.05.2024
until 30.09.2024
Late registration
on 10,11 and 12.10.2024
5 km 10 € / 20 BGN 10 € / 20 BGN 10 € / 20 BGN
10 km 25 € / 50 BGN 30 € / 60 BGN 40 € / 80 BGN
21.098 km 30 € / 60 BGN 35 € / 70 BGN 50 € / 100 BGN
42.195 km 35 € / 70 BGN 40 € / 80 BGN 60 € / 120 BGN

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Registration fee for 10, 21 and 42km includes:

  • Participation in the race
  • Finisher’s bag
  • Bib number 4 safety pins
  • UHF chip
  • Special T-shirt with the race logo
  • A unique medal for finishers
  • 20 € Wizz Air voucher for finishers
  • Access to all refreshment points
  • Online finisher Certificate
  • Medical care
  • Gifts from our Sponsors

Registration fee for 5km includes:

  • Participation in the race
  • Bib number 4 safety pins
  • UHF chip
  • Medal for finishers

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The organizer reserves its rights to make changes at any time to the above stated rules if needed., If need be, and as deemed necessary.

I agree with the Terms for participation

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