Wizz Air Sofia Marathon



Registration deadline

Registration deadline is until 23.59.59 30th of September 2024 it,bg. After that you will be able to make only a late registration in the race office during the Marathon Expo on 10, 11 and 12 October 2024 until all Bip availability ceases!
Registration will not be available on race day.!

What is the minimum Age to participate?

Participants must be at least 18 years old. to take part in the Marathon distance. No age requirement for the 21.098 km and 10 km

How to register for participation in Wizz Air Sofia Marathon ?

Registration for participation going through online (MANDATORY IN LATIN LETTERS) at marathon web site www.marathonsofia.com

Do I need a medical certificate ?

Medical certificate is not necessary

Where do I see my registration, if I am already registerеd?

Here You can see the registered participants for Wizz Air Sofia Marathon 2024 for all distances

Registration confirmation

The registration confirmation will be send to you in time after the finish your payment via email . You will have to bring the confirmation in order to get your bib number.

Changing your registration information

If you want to change your registration information, send us an email at info@marathonsofia.com before the registration deadline.

During the marathon expo on 10, 11 and 12 October 2024. changes are possible ,but we have to charge a fee of 10.00 BGN( 5Euro ).

Refusing to participate in Wizz Air Sofia Marathon 2024.

Refunds are not available for the marathon. If you cannot run the marathon, for any reason ,we can´t return your money.

When and where do I get my race kit?

Only on 10,11, and 12th of October 2024 in the office of the race during the Marathon Expo you can receive your start package, including your start number.

Can I pick up my race kit on the day of the race?

Starter packs will not be distributed on race day !

There will be an exception only for the participants of the 5km distance.

Can I pick up the race kit of another runner?

To collect the bib of another runner you must show his/her registration confirmation and copy of ID.

Where is the start ?

The start for all distances is on Battenberg Square in front of the National Art Gallery in the direction of. Marie Louise Boulevard! Please be at the start on time, to avoid any stress, tension or rush. There is enough place for spectators on the left and right side on the start.

Is the race certified ?

Yes, the race is certified by WA – World Athletics.

What is the race course like?

The race course is flat with minor elevations on bridges in the two directions. The course will be primarily on asphalt and some paved road. .

Are animals allowed on the course?

It is not allowed to run your distance with an animal.

What can I do if my result is missing or wrong? ?

Please email us at info@marathonsofia.com


Refreshment stations on the course are every 5 km. More information about that you will find here.

Finish refreshment station

After completing the distance you will be brought to the area with the finish refreshment point where you will be refreshed with food, fruit, hot drinks and water


50 portable toilets will be distributed in the area of the start/finish and all refreshment stations.

Company on the course

It is not allowed to have a companion on a bicycle or other vehicle on the course. If you are accompanied by someone, you will be disqualified.

Medical Assistance

Please, only start if your medical condition is well. If you need medical care during the run, please run or walk to the next medical care station. In the finish area the red cross will provide medical care.

Music during the run

We recommend that you do not use iPhone, iPod, MP3-player or other are not recommended during running. This is related to your safety.

Will I recieve a medal ?

Yes , all participants will recieve a medal after the complition of the course, in an area designated by the organizer. Participants registered up to 31.07.2024 are guaranteed a medal – Finished.

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